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Take functionality and versatility to a whole new level with multi-directional airflow, 11 height settings, 12 fan speeds, and horizontal and vertical oscillation that can operate simultaneously or independently. Add to that 3 unique fan modes: normal mode, nature mode for a more natural outdoor-like breeze, and night mode for ultra-quiet operation. pureFlow CIRCULATOR does it all! Cool the ceiling, cool the floor, cool the corners, cool the door!

pureFlow CIRCULATOR cools effectively with its unique dual blade technology that produces 7 times more air volume than a normal fan while still consuming minimal energy – as low as 2 watts! The exclusive nature mode replicates the natural outdoor variable breeze and sleep mode produces a quieter relaxing breeze. The possibilities are endless, comfortable, cool and convenient with pureFlow CIRCULATOR!

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Keep your room cool in a cool way with pureFlow QT7, the Quiet Turbo Bladeless Fan by GreenTech Environmental. This eye-catching fan is uniquely designed to circulate your room’s air with peak power, performance, and efficiency. It produces an uninterrupted flow of smooth air, distributed evenly and naturally, creating an indoor breeze that reaches every corner of the room.

With no blades or grille, it’s easy to clean while children’s hands and pet’s paws are kept safe. Featuring a tilting and oscillating head for extra widespread circulation, easy operating display and remote, and whisper-quiet operation, pureFlow QT7 provides natural cool comfort at an affordable price.

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pureComfort YEAR-ROUND

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pureFlow CIRCULATOR Multi-Directional Oscillating Fan

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pureComfort YEAR-ROUND combines into one what has traditionally required two separate appliances, a heater and a fan. As an all-in-one single appliance, for winter it is a 1500W PTC (positive thermal coefficient) heater with strong air flow. For summer, it is a powerful fan that thrusts directed air for circulation throughout the room. Each stands alone with its performance and functions. This unique and advanced space heating and cooling system is 100% heater when you want warmth and 100% fan when you want cool.

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pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan